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PVC profile systems Streamline SL76 - 5/7 Rooms

PVC profile systems Streamline SL76 - 5/7 Rooms

Profile width: 76mm
Number of rooms: 5/7
Number of gaskets: 2
Profile combination height: 118-168mm
Thermal insulation of the profile: Uf=1.322 W/m2K (5 rooms)/ Uf=1.156 W/m2K (7 rooms)
Sound insulation: 47 dB (5 rooms)/ 43 dB (7 rooms) to outside noise
Theft resistance Class 2 (DIN V ENV 1627)
Gasket: TPE grey/black
Wand: Single leg grip - PCE gasket
Galvanized steel armature treated minimum: 1.5-2mm
Glazing: argon glazing, 24mm or tripane 40mm
Thermal conductivity coefficient: Uf: 1.1 W/m²K

Salamander Streamline windows offer the system with 5/7 chambers, the construction depth of 76 mm and 2 levels of sealing. It guarantees optimal thermal insulation and sound protection, as well as a high degree of security, all this to make you feel good and comfortable.

Why choose this range of profiles?

The Salamander series of profiles, both those with 5 chambers and those with 7 rooms, reflects the ideal mix of the most important features which you have to consider when choosing the thermopane profiles for your project.

Security: This range meets all the conditions to achieve the highest level of security

Thermal insulation. Due to the very high level of thermal insulation, the transfer of thermal energy between interior and exterior is significantly reduced, which translates very simply into savings when paying bills.

Sound insulation: Whether we are talking about an office space or a house, no one wants to listen to the noise of the street, with the horns and the daily hum. You definitely want peace, to be able to work or relax freely. Salamander 76 profiles meet the highest sound insulation standards, ensuring the comfort you need.

In addition, Salamander profiles from the Streamline range offer a high level of resistance to climatic changes, with large temperature differences from summer to winter, specific to our country, keeping their shape and technical properties intact even after years of use.

Moreover, thanks to the smooth surfaces, with very low porosity, two other equally important features are noteworthy, which set new quality standards for uPVC profiles:

Durability and long resistance. Salamander profiles have an average lifespan of up to 50 years - a long-term investment, for which you will be happy years from now.

Facilitates easy cleaning and simple, effortless maintenance. The bright and shining white, specific to Salamander profiles, is preserved over time, without the need for complex maintenance and cleaning procedures.

The perfect profile for any home

Salamander 76 is a unique uPVC profile, elegant and impeccable in terms of technical parameters, which envelops every home in an intimate and pleasant atmosphere, which contributes to the well-being and comfort inside the home, offering at the same time the highest level of safety .

Regardless of the shape or size of your project, whether we are talking about an interwar building or an apartment block, the Streamline 76 profiles are adaptable to any type of architecture. In addition, it emphasizes both the fineness of the modern lines of new buildings and the wealth of elegant details of a historical building.

Thermal insulation for life

And because the success of each project is very important to us, we want you to enjoy your choice for a very long time. That's why you benefit from a 5-year guarantee for components and assembly provided by our team of professionals.

Due to a long experience, professionalism and respect for each project, we chose to mount the thermal window carpentry by anchoring, thus avoiding drilling the profiles and affecting their properties.

In addition, we are sure that you will enjoy the choice made for a long time, without worries, because the average lifespan of Salamander profiles, estimated by the manufacturer, under optimal conditions of use, is up to 50 years.

If you are planning a renovation or are now building your home, let's discuss your project and find the best solution together.

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