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The innovative combined system S8000

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The profile system S8000

The S 8000 profile system demonstrates GEALAN's consistent market orientation. Economic efficiency and optimization of material use were central considerations in the construction of this 74 mm deep sealing system - for easier and more efficient processing by window manufacturers.

Advantages of the S 8000 system

The construction depth of 74 mm ensures very good thermal and sound insulation.
Profile geometry based on the rational use of materials protects resources and the environment.
Large main chamber for supporting bulky steel stiffeners.
A single steel stiffener for the frame, sash and post.
Optionally, improved indoor climate and increased ambient comfort thanks to the patented GECCO ventilation system - for controlled air circulation between the outside and the inside.
Available in many decorative foils (wood look) to match the style and design of your home.

Stability: large-scale planning

When developing the S 8000 system, special attention was paid to the stability of the profiles. A correspondingly high dimension was represented by the main chamber to support the steel stiffeners.

The result is a very high bending stiffness of standard reinforcements, which is another advantage in terms of profile stability. Thus, there are no longer obstacles to the realization of large-sized elements, and the window manufacturing company can offer customers large-sized windows.

The maximum height of window elements depends on the width of the window and the resulting total area.
In the case of large windows, the window elements are subjected to strong forces.
Stable steel stiffeners ensure high bending strength and allow the construction of large windows.

Flexible multi-chamber structure

S 8000 with 5 rooms
S 8000 with 6 rooms
Excellent stability thanks to steel stiffeners on the frame and sashes
Very easy to clean thanks to the large fold of the heel
Optionally available in recessed version with double inclined glass slat or semi-recessed version with round glass slat

Decorative foils

GEALAN offers a wide range of options for the design of colored PVC windows. One of these is the established GEALAN-acrylcolor® surface technology. The colored acrylic layer is scratch resistant, easy to clean and weather resistant. Windows with GEALAN-acrylcolor® thus meet the highest technical and functional requirements for innovative, colored surfaces.

The numerous design possibilities for colored window and door profiles are also offered by GEALAN's extensive decorative foil program. The standard delivery program already offers a wide range of color variants. Additional shades and textures are available upon request.

RealWood - exclusive decorative foil

These foils are not made of natural wood.

Standard sheets
Extra-standard sheets
Standard-extended sheets