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PVC profile systems caption

PVC profile systems caption

Designed with 6 chambers for the highest level of thermal and acoustic performance

Technical specifications

Profile width: 80mm
Number of rooms: 6
Number of gaskets: 3 (middle gasket)
Gasket: TPE grey/black
Wand: Single leg grip - PCE gasket
Glazing: glass package of 24; 30; 36; 44 mm
Standard: EN12608
Thermal conductivity coefficient: Uf: 1.17 W/m²K

General characteristics

High performance for thermal insulation

In order to provide you with the highest possible level of thermal insulation, the Legend system has been designed in such a way as to include as many important construction elements as possible. This system with 6 insulation chambers, with a profile width of 80 mm, with 3 gaskets (one in the middle), offers a very low coefficient of thermal conductivity (Uf) with a value of 1.17 W/m²K. This 80 mm wide system offers the possibility of applying the 44 mm tripane glass which offers low values Uf=0.6-0.7 W/m²K. Due to the conductivity coefficient of the profile and the glass package, a higher Uw value = 0.95 W/m²K results.

Product diversity

The system offers a diverse group of products. The main profiles that make up the system are standard frames, sashes, joining profiles, resistance profiles, uprights, drippers for frames, sashes for inward or outward opening doors, addition profiles. In addition, the system offers a series of auxiliary profiles: 90 degree angle corner, variable angle coupling, masking profiles, heel extensions, closing profiles, etc.


The reinforcements used in the Legend system profiles offer increased strength values. According to resistance calculations in areas affected by strong winds, this system offers the possibility of building windows with a larger area compared to classic ones.


Glass packages of thicknesses: 24, 30, 36, 44 and 52 mm can be used for both doors and windows. The Legend system from Deceuninck offers a rich palette of colors for all tastes.

Uf values vary depending on the size of the glazed surface as well as the characteristics of the glass.

Color options

Thanks to a perfect aesthetic design, the Elegant system easily adapts to the style of your home.