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Roto Nx hardware

Roto NX: Modern design. The hardware stands out for its attractive optics, such as the use of elegant covers and high-quality powder coating, as well as the hidden screws on the hinge side.

TiltSafe window

Worry-free ventilation and more peaceful sleep

Burglary protection according to RC 2 in the knocked down position thanks to the three identical steel safety locks (in combination with mushroom locking points and a lockable handle)
Available as standard version with manual drive or electric drive in combination with Roto E-Tec Drive
Increased comfort and improved room climate
Simple, trouble-free operation
Swing opening up to 65 mm in manual and electric versions for optimal air exchange
Comfortable integration of TiltSafe windows into Smart Home systems thanks to the electric window device Roto E-Tec Drive

V type closing mechanism

It allows for simple mounting as it takes on more tolerances without additional adjustment
The robust construction ensures even seal pressure and so the windows remain tightly closed for a long time
Every break-in attempt is made more difficult because the V-type locking mechanism penetrates behind the safety lock
A mark quickly shows the position of the gasket pressure
Gasket pressure adjustment is done with a standard (4mm) Allen wrench

Type P hinges for PVC windows with integrated night ventilation

High efficiency and modern design: P type hinges for PVC windows. The even arrangement of the holes makes adjustment even easier. Users will be convinced by the intuitive operation and the increased safety due to the reliable elements - even in the standard version, the weight of the wings of 130 kg is no problem. Thus, large and modern windows can be created, and the impressions are completed by the range of colors and the aesthetics of the oscilloscope support.

Roto NX: A safe investment

The Roto NX oscillating opening hardware system is based on the classic Roto NT. What is good and proven remains: a wide range of applications, the Roto SIL Nano coating, adaptation to individual safety requirements and a 10-year guarantee for reliable operation. What needed to be improved, we upgraded with cost-effectiveness, safety, comfort and design aspects in mind. Roto NX: the right choice every time. Now and in the future.