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Anti-insect nets

Enjoy peace of mind and protection from unwanted insects with our high-quality roll-up mosquito nets! At Marckon.ro, we offer you efficient and elegant solutions to enjoy clean air and protect your home against uninvited insect invasion

Protect your home with the best mosquito nets

Protect your home with roller mosquito nets from Marckon.ro Enjoy serenity and comfort in your own home with our roller mosquito nets. At Marckon.ro, we offer you efficient and elegant solutions to protect you from unwanted insects and enjoy clean air without compromise.

Superior quality solutions for your comfort.

Discover our roll-up nets, designed to be easy to use and install. With an actuation mechanism facilitated by a pre-tensioned spring and a pull profile with ergonomic handles, you will be able to open and close the nets with remarkable ease.

Durability and elegance in every detail

Our nets are made with care and from high quality materials. Aluminum cassettes and guides ensure strength and durability without deteriorating over time. The fiberglass mesh creates an effective barrier against insects, and the sealing brushes mounted on the guides ensure a secure fit and prevent insects from entering through any cracks.

Custom colors for your style.

At Marckon.ro, we offer a wide range of colors to match your roller mosquito nets to your home design. Standard colors such as white, brown and light brown blend harmoniously with any decor. We can also offer special options such as anthracite gray or imitation wood in shades such as golden oak, walnut, mahogany or wenge.

Window roller blinds - Protection and ease for your windows.

If you want to protect your windows from mosquitoes, our roller blinds are the perfect choice. They can have maximum dimensions of up to 2000 mm in width and 2400 mm in height, offering you effective protection for an area of up to 2.5 square meters. With pull profiles equipped with handles and a secure fastening system, you will have a reliable and durable closure.

Door roller screens - Excellent protection for your doors.

For doors, we recommend our roller door nets. They are designed for a horizontal action, giving you an easy and convenient magnet-based closure. We have single-leaf mesh options for doors up to 1100mm wide, as well as double-leaf for wider doors with two mirrored boxes.