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Sectional garage doors

Sectional garage doors are the perfect choice for those who appreciate superior quality, aesthetic appearance and, above all, safety in use.

Sectional garage doors - quality, aesthetics and safety in one product

Roller shutter doors are frequently used to enclose large areas and commercial spaces where sectional doors are not suitable. A common example of their use is in the case of garage doors and doors intended to close commercial premises.

One of the main advantages of roller doors compared to sectional doors is the more permissive restrictions in terms of installation. Due to the fact that the entire door is rolled into a cylinder located at the top of the door, the restrictions regarding the dimensions of the beam, side posts and the depth of the garage required for installation are much easier to meet.

Roller doors are made of 77 mm slats and the maximum height such a door can have is 4650 mm. The maximum width of a roller door with 77 mm slats is 5300 mm. The maximum area that a roller door can occupy is 20 square meters.

Features of sectional garage doors:
Anticorrosive galvanized steel sandwich panel.
Polyurethane foam insulation for excellent thermal and acoustic performance.
Roller running system with bearings for smooth and quiet operation.
Sealing by gaskets at the door contour to prevent dust and water ingress.
Thermal and sound insulation to maintain temperature and silence inside the garage.
Overload switch to protect the motor from overload.
Cylinder lock with fluted rod for added safety and security.
Safety against accidents to prevent unwanted incidents.
Galvanized steel photocells to detect objects in the door's path and automatically stop operation.

Color options

Custom colors and shades: It is important to note that there is a possibility of slight shade differences for the same color, especially when product batches are different.