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External rollers

Ideal solutions for thermal and sound insulation, safety and light control. Choose between PVC or aluminum slats to obtain optimal mechanical resistance, thermal insulation and soundproofing.

External roller shutters: Protection and elegance for your windows

Discover the external blinds, the ideal solution to ensure thermal insulation, sound and safety in your home.

With the blinds closed, you benefit from total darkness, and when the slats are open, the light is pleasantly filtered. The correct choice of the type of slats, either PVC or aluminum, contributes to mechanical resistance, protects against intruders and provides optimal thermal and sound insulation.

Transform your home with external roller blinds and enjoy comfort and security every day.

The benefits of external roller blinds:
It provides you with shade
- protective against the effect of blinding sunlight
– flexibility in the dosage of natural light
– prevents heat loss during the winter
It provides privacy
- protects from possible prying eyes, especially when the windows face the street or a neighboring house
Have a restful sleep
- silence and obscurity needed when you want to rest
It ensures your safety
- through comfort and protection against burglary attempts
– protects furniture and interior decorations from ultraviolet rays
It ensures a constant temperature
- prevents excessive heating of the home on hot summer days

External rolls applied

Applied roller blinds are the most common choice due to their extremely simple construction, which allows mounting in various ways, adapted to the specifics of each individual space. At Societatea Noastra, the rollers are made entirely of aluminum, including the box, side covers, guides, 39 or 45 mm slats and the final blade. Thus, we guarantee the quality and durability of these products, while ensuring functionality and impeccable aesthetics for your home.

The external rolls can be made with anti-insect roll net incorporated in the roll box. In this case, we have the roller guide with two channels, one for the slats and the other for the net.

Overlapping outer rolls

Overlapping exterior blinds are a new and modern option for window shading. These shutters are designed to be fitted together with the joinery and have the box fixed on top of it, hence the name "overlaid".

From a constructive point of view, the overlapping roll is similar to the applied one, except that some components are made of PVC (box, side covers and guides), to ensure a more effective thermal barrier. Additionally, the inner box features extruded polystyrene insulation to provide superior thermal insulation.

By choosing overlapping external blinds, you enjoy multiple benefits, such as solar protection, thermal and sound insulation, as well as a pleasant aesthetic design. This modern solution integrates perfectly with the carpentry and contributes to improving the energy efficiency of your home. Discover the overlapping exterior blinds and turn your windows into an element of design and functionality!

Transparent windproof blinds: Protection and functionality for terraces and balconies

The transparent anti-wind blinds are the ideal solution to protect the terraces of restaurants and apartments with three seasons. With remarkable efficiency, these roller blinds ensure the optimal functioning of the balcony, guaranteeing the protection of the furniture and other objects stored in this space.

They create a perfect setting for the terraces of restaurants, hotels and guesthouses, even in autumn, winter or spring. Effectively insulates and protects against the elements, including torrential rain, snow and strong winds.

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