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PVC profile systems Everest Max


PVC profile systems Everest Max

The Everest Max system has a special angled design that increases water flow rate.

Technical specifications

Profile width: 60mm
Number of rooms: 4
Number of gaskets: 2
Gasket: TPE grey/black
Wand: Single leg grip - PCE gasket
Glazing: 4; 20; 24; 30; 36 mm
Standard: EN12608 - B-Class
Thermal conductivity coefficient: Uf = 1.5 W/m²K

General characteristics

Superior insulation

The Everest Max system is designed with 4 isolation chambers and a profile width of 60mm with 2 sealing gaskets. The use of TPE gaskets allows the system to be effectively welded at the corner, thus ensuring a high level of insulation.


The system offers main profiles and auxiliary corner connection profiles at 90 degrees and for variable angles, drippers, aluminum threshold, different closing profiles and resistance profiles. Profiles for doors opening inwards or outwards are optimized in such a way as to allow an increase in the glazed surface which provides greater transparency. In order to find solutions for any detail, the Everest Max system offers various auxiliary profiles such as cover profiles, image profiles (L54), etc.

Innovation and compatibility

The Everest Max system has a special angled design that increases water flow rate. The system allows the construction of special windows such as folding, parallel sliding, outward opening, etc. A locking mechanism can be fitted for safety purposes. This system is compatible with other systems (insect nets, roller shutters, shutters, etc.)

Color options

Thanks to a perfect aesthetic design, the Elegant system easily adapts to the style of your home.