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PVC profile systems Streamline SL76 - 5/7 Rooms

PVC profile systems BluEVOLUTION SL92

Top of the range Salamander profiles
Profile width: 92mm
Number of rooms: 6
Number of gaskets: 2
Profile combination height: 118-168mm
Thermal insulation of the profile: Uf=1.034 W/m2K with standard reinforcement and Uf=0.94 W/m2K with Thermtec
Sound insulation: 39 dB
Theft resistance Class 2 (DIN V ENV 1627)
Gasket: TPE grey/black
Wand: Single leg grip - PCE gasket
Galvanized steel armature treated minimum: 1.5-2mm
Glazing: 24mm (2 sheets of glass) and 52mm (3 sheets of glass)

When you are going to invest in the purchase of double-glazed windows, you will certainly have a lot of questions related to the windows you should choose.

That's why we thought to make your choice easier and to make sure that you will enjoy the windows you choose for your project for a long time - whatever it may be.

Thus, we invite you to discover the German quality of Salamander profiles, respectively BluEvolution 92 profiles.

Why do we think these profiles are the best fit?

The entire range of Salamander profiles is characterized by a special and modern design, and this model fits perfectly into this standard. In addition, in addition to the particularly pleasant appearance, it also represents an investment that offers long-term value.

This profile is classified in accordance with PN-EN 12608 norms in the top category of PVC profiles, respectively class A.

Due to the constructive depth of 92mm, superior sound and thermal insulation properties and robust reinforcements, this system offers top performance and represents one of the most advanced technologies in the field of PVC carpentry, existing today.

With an external profile size of at least 2.8 mm, class A profiles show an increased degree of resistance to deformations and bending of the frame and sashes, even in large windows.

Considering all aspects, we can say that this model was created to be your ally in the fight against heat losses, reducing them to a minimum, but also to ensure optimal thermal insulation of the building.

Due to the high technical performance, these profiles contribute significantly to the reduction of the CO2 level, and the high-quality materials from which they are made are fully recyclable, when the windows are replaced.

Minimum investment for maximum value

Among the most important properties are the six-chamber system, a mounting depth of 92 mm, triple gaskets and a triple glass panel, as well as the attractive design.

A series of features that guarantee extremely strong protection against moisture, very low noise level and minimal heat loss.

The heat transfer coefficient, in the case of BluEvolution 92, is Uf = 1.0 W/m2K. An exceptional result, obtained due to the special characteristics of the profiles.

Moreover, due to the high resistance of the profiles, it is also possible to construct profiles with four panes of glass, an unparalleled performance in terms of reliability and efficiency.

Regarding the technical data of the BluEvolution 92 profiles, I have centralized some important data in the table below, for an easier comparison with any other type of profile.

The right window for every project

We understand perfectly that each project has its requirements and we know that these can be very diverse, from the design to the color of the profiles.

Depending on the requirements of the project, you can select the sizes, colors and number of sashes that suit you best. Thanks to the advanced technology with which Salamander profiles are produced, there are solutions even for very large windows or other sophisticated requirements.

Since windows are an important architectural element, which underlines and supports the style of the entire project, originality is one of the mandatory requirements that you must take into account. For this reason, the color of the window frames and sashes must be in harmony with the rest of the building.

In the case of this profile from Salamander, the availability in a wide range of veneers means that the finishes of the thermopane carpentry can be easily adapted to personal preferences.

Profile lamination can be done on both sides or on one side. For example, you can choose colored profiles on the outside, while on the inside the unmistakable white Salamander can increase the brightness of the room.

And for an amazing effect, you can choose two different colors for the interior and exterior of the profiles: one to match the interior of the house, and the other to complement the exterior.

And so that at the end of the works you can sit without worries and enjoy the space you have arranged, we offer you a 5-year guarantee for all components and for assembly. And you will surely be happy to know that the average duration of use of Salamander profiles is up to 50 years!

If you have a project and you don't want to struggle with the choice of double glazed windows, we are sure that together we can find the best solution, according to your needs and budget.

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