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MB-79N is the most modern economical window and door system in the Aluprof offer. It was launched out of a desire to meet increased thermal insulation requirements.
  • profiles with a depth of 79 mm (window sash) and 70 mm (frame and door sash)
  • thermal inserts made of innovative material with a new shape, which allow the use of the gasket in the insulation area of the profiles, both on windows and doors
  • 3 thermal variants of the window structure (MB-79N E, MB-79N ST, MB-79N SI" and 4 variants for the door (MB-79N E, MB-79N ST, MB-79N SI and MB-79N SI+)
  • thermal insulation: Uw starting with 0.64 W/(m2K), Uf starting with 0.83 W/(m2k)
  • very good kinematics, which allows the construction of narrow opening windows and doors
  • the profiles of the door wings have an expansion, which eliminates thermal stresses during their operation
  • the possibility of using hidden hinges and the most popular perimeter hardware, including hidden hardware, together with the most modern AluPilot window hardware; hardware with automatic and access control functions are also available for the doors
  • wide range of glazing with 2- or 3-pane packages, with thicknesses up to 63 mm for windows and up to 54 mm for doors, allowing the use of all common types of glazing, including acoustic or anti-burglary
  • the possibility of executing anti-burglary doors from classes RC1 – RC3, as well as panel doors, which provide rich aesthetic possibilities
  • wide range of doorknobs from ranges with varied styles, including doorknobs with a visible rosette or without a rosette, with a minimalist look

MB-79N is the most modern economic system of windows and doors in the Aluprof offer. It was launched out of a desire to meet increased thermal insulation requirements. It helps in the execution of some structures, among which there are fixed, hinged, tilting, tilting and sliding windows, external doors with one or two wings, as well as window solutions with doors. In addition to the economical version MB-79N E, with a single-component central seal in the windows and the MB-79N ST version with a two-component central seal, the product has the version MB-79N SI with the best thermal insulation, having profiles equipped with insulation and a two-component center gasket. In exterior doors, the MB-79N SI+ variant is also available with insulation inserts inside the profiles and central seal.

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