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The MB-79N US system is an economical and functional solution that also meets all technical requirements.
Features and advantages of the MB-79N US system:
  • The structural depth of the window profiles is: 70 mm (frame), 79 mm (wing).
  • The profiles have a three-chamber structure. The central chamber is an insulation between the aluminum profiles, it is made of profiled thermal inserts with a width of 33.5 or 36 mm.
  • An innovative, reinforced, chambered, highly bend-resistant thermal insert is used in the window sash.
  • The system allows the execution of windows in three variants of thermal insulation, such as MB-79N. The MB-79N US E version is the most economical solution with a mono-component center gasket. The MB-79N US ST is a two-component center gasket variant. The MB-79N US SI structure (with the best thermal insulation) was based on profiles equipped with appropriate insulation inserts in the area of the thermal inserts and with a 2-component central gasket.
  • The thermal transfer coefficients of Uf window frames reach very good values, which place this system among the absolute market leaders in this category.
  • High tightness to water penetration and air infiltration is achieved thanks to the special forms of the central gasket, with one or two components (with cellular insulating part) and the gaskets of the windows and closing.
  • The closed-form glass profiles, both in the Standard and Prestige versions, allow the resistant fixing of the fillings, which significantly facilitates the obtaining of anti-burglary structures.
  • The window seals are fixed deep into the window profiles, thus being barely visible from the inside.
  • The maximum dimensions of the window wings are: Hs max=2.7 m, Ls max=1.7 m. Maximum wing weight – 160 kg.
  • The ranges of glass thicknesses that can be glazed: window frame – between 1.5 and 44.5 mm, window sash – between 12 and 52.5 mm. The wide range of vitrification allows the installation of all types of double-chamber, acoustic or anti-burglary windows found on the market.
  • The use of typical "Euro" hardware grooves allows the installation of most types of hardware available for aluminum and plastic windows, including the modern Winkhaus aluPilot hidden hardware
  • Handles with or without a visible rosette can be used in windows.
  • The MB-79N US system is compatible with other Aluprof systems, especially the MB-79N. Because of this, many elements find their application in more than one system, for example window profiles, gaskets, hardware and most accessories.

The MB-79N US system is an economical and functional solution that also meets all technical requirements. It allows the execution of windows, which have invisible wings from the outside. In a series of neighboring fixed and opening windows, it is not possible to differentiate the location of these fields. Thanks to this, we obtain a uniform appearance of all windows on the facade of the building, regardless of their function. The MB-79N US system is a solution elaborated in detail. It offers two versions of the rebate: with type A frame – which partially covers the sash, as well as with type B frame – which fully covers the sash, which ideally imitates fixed windows. The outer surfaces of the windows mounted in the open and fixed fields are laid on a single plane. Thanks to the special adaptation profile, it is possible to use the frames and transverse connection plates from the basic system in windows with hidden sash MB-79N. The MB-79N US system enables the execution of windows with a large size and weight. These structures, similar to the MB-79N basic window system, are characterized by a high level of thermal, sound insulation and water and air tightness. This system meets all requirements regarding energy efficiency and environmental protection.

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