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MB-70 is a modern aluminum system that is used in the execution of architectural elements that require thermal and acoustic insulation, such as different types of windows, doors, showcases, structural constructions, etc.

The profiles of the system are structured on three rooms, the construction depth of the window profile is 70 mm for the frame and 79 mm for the sash, and of the doors 70 mm and 70 mm, respectively. The depths of the profiles in the case of the sash and frame give the effect of a single surface on the outside after closing – in the case of the window, and the effect of doubling the surface of the sash and frame – in the case of the door. The shape of the profiles allows the construction of resistant and aesthetic doors and windows. In the system MB-70 it is also possible to make windows with the so-called "hidden sash" MB-70 US and MB-70 Industrial, which is excellent for the modernization of post-industrial, historical and monumental buildings.

The system MB-70 it is characterized by a low heat transmission coefficient U - due to the use of special thermal compartments and gaskets. This is very important at a time when the requirements related to saving energy and protecting the environment are becoming more and more demanding. The system profiles meet the thermal requirements of material group 1 for windows and 2.1 for doors, according to DIN 4108. The thermal bridge used in this system is in the shape of the letter "omega" with a width of 34 mm for windows and 24 mm for doors, made of polyamide reinforced with glass fiber. The specific shape of the polyamide increases the rigidity of the profiles in relation to the flat polyamides and facilitates the evacuation of water from the sections, ensuring at the same time an adequate thermal insulation in any kind of atmospheric conditions. The thermal compartments used in the windows are additionally sealed.

Due to the use, among others, of thermal compartments with such shapes, in order to increase the degree of thermal insulation, it is no longer necessary to fill the surfaces between them with foam.

The sealing is ensured thanks to the use of special EPDM two-component synthetic rubber gaskets: massive and cellular, which guarantee resistance to aging during long-term exploitation, as well as a very good thermal insulation. MB-70 it is the first system where this material was used to make the central seal.

The system allows the use of glass packages with a thickness between 21 and 57 mm for windows and between 12 and 48 mm for fixed panels or doors. Such a wide range for filling guarantees the possibility of using all types of standard or atypical windows.

The rich assortment of colors from the standard palette allows satisfying the requirements of the most demanding customers.

The system MB-70 has the technical approval of the Institute of Construction Techniques (ITB) for windows and balcony doors (AT-15-4647/2000).

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