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How to keep WINDOWS and the doors One form optimal: Guide completely of maintenance A carpentry PVC and aluminum.

How to keep your windows and doors in top shape: Complete guide to maintaining PVC and aluminum joinery.

Complete maintenance guide for PVC and aluminum carpentry in Târgu Jiu

By following these practical tips, you will ensure a longer life, flawless appearance and optimal performance of your windows and doors.

  1. Regular cleaning: To keep your PVC and aluminum joinery in top shape, regular cleaning is essential. Use gentle cleaning solutions and avoid abrasive substances that can damage surfaces. Be sure to remove any debris or dirt from windows and doors, including drains and gaskets.
  2. Checking and maintaining gaskets: Gaskets are important components of PVC and aluminum joinery, ensuring tightness and thermal insulation. Periodically check their condition and replace them if they are worn or damaged. Apply silicone-based lubricant to maintain elasticity and durability of seals.
  3. Hardware Lubrication: PVC and aluminum carpentry hardware requires periodic lubrication to function properly. Uses a silicone-based lubricant to reduce friction and prevent corrosion. Be sure to lightly lubricate all rolling points, hinges, and locking mechanisms.
  4. Checking and replacing defective fixtures: Periodically check joinery fixtures such as handles, latches, and openers. If you notice defects or malfunctions, replace them immediately to maintain the safety and optimal functionality of your windows and doors.
  5. Protection against damage: To protect PVC and aluminum joinery against damage, avoid prolonged exposure to strong sunlight, acid rain or harsh chemicals. Use blinds, shutters or sun protection films to reduce the impact of direct sunlight. It also avoids knocks and strong impact on the joinery, for example, during renovation work or moving furniture.
  6. Leakage check: Periodically check the tightness of your windows and doors. Look for air or water leaks and repair them promptly to ensure effective insulation and prevent energy loss.
  7. Scheduling periodic inspections: For a complete and efficient maintenance of PVC and aluminum carpentry, it is recommended to schedule periodic inspections performed by specialists in the field. These overhauls will identify and fix any problems or premature wear, thus extending the life of the joinery.
  8. Conclusion: By applying these maintenance tips and following them regularly, you will keep your PVC and aluminum carpentry in optimal shape in Târgu Jiu. Thus, you will benefit from an impeccable appearance, optimal functionality and an extended lifespan of your windows and doors. Make sure you pay the necessary attention to maintenance to enjoy all the benefits your joinery has to offer.
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